collingwood gets upsetting injury report from.....

collingwood gets upsetting injury report from…..

After suffering a horrific leg injury, Isaac Quaynor is expected to recover quickly, according to Collingwood, who anticipate the young defender will be back in two weeks.

Additionally, the Pies are hyping up Scott Pendlebury’s upcoming return, with the captain expected to play as early as this week.

Following a bizarre incident involving Sydney debutant Sam Wicks’ studs during the Pies’ victory over the Swans on Thursday night, Quaynor sustained a gash in his lower leg measuring more than 20 centimeters.

Nathan Buckley, the coach of Collingwood, stated on Sunday that Quaynor was recovering.

“Isaac is doing well. went straight to the hospital following the game. was able to suture and clean up the wound. He is ambulating without difficulty; in fact, he has been using crutches for the past few days to relieve some of the weight from that leg. “He’s started the healing process; all that needs to happen now is to take care of the wound, prevent infection, and give it as much time as it needs to heal,” stated Buckley.

“We think all that needs to happen is for that wound to heal. Really, nothing is underneath it. We expect to see him [in] probably a couple of weeks, however long that looks like and how many games that is. Of course, there is some soft tissue damage and some bone bruising on the shin itself. However, all we need to do is wait for the wound to heal.”

Given that Wicks’ “hybrid” boots violated competition regulations, the AFL wrote to clubs on Friday to emphasize the importance of wearing boots that complied with league rules.

Buckley mentioned that the coronavirus had left the Pies without a bootstudder and that these kinds of problems within the league were probably going to be a contributing factor in noncompliance.

“After doing some more research, I’m not sure that metal studs are the real problem. In my opinion, the studs’ shape is more important,” Buckley remarked.

“I believe that several factors have likely combined. Similar to the Queensland grounds, they can get slippery at times and are a little softer and heavier underfoot. As a result, more players than ever before are likely wearing longer stops. It is obvious that the prohibition on metal stops or studs has existed. However, I think it’s more about their shape. It is the boot-studders who have ensured that the boots meet regulations. And we just kind of move on. There is evidence that some of those compliance issues may not have received the attention they need due to shifts in responsibilities within football clubs and the AFL as a whole.

“The AFL have now cleared that up.”

Due to a quad injury, Pendlebury has missed three straight games and is unable to play against Adelaide on Tuesday night. However, he might play on Saturday against Melbourne or, more likely, on August 24 against North Melbourne.

Buckley said, “He’s actually going OK.”

“He’s had a reasonably good last week and a half. From a running standpoint, he’s gradually increasing his loads and beginning to work on his agility. He kicked around a little yesterday. We still have a couple of sessions left, so he might be ready for Saturday’s match against Melbourne, but not for Tuesday. Round 12 would be an optimistic time to expect him. however, we might be able to convince him to go farther.”

Star midfielder Adam Treloar will miss at least three weeks due to a hamstring injury, according to Buckley, while veteran Travis Varcoe has returned to the Pies’ Queensland base after taking a brief hiatus due to a family bereavement.

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