May 19, 2024

A former Minnesota Vikings safety has been suspended for three games for substance abuse before he could play for his new team.
It appeared for a while that the Minnesota Vikings were slowing down safety Jayron Kearse’s development. For four seasons, he was an invaluable member of the team thanks to his superb work on special teams and his ability to step in when necessary.

But after the 2019 NFL season, Kearse became a free agent and signed with the Detroit Lions, a rival team in the division. Despite adding a good player, the Honolulu blue will be without him for his first three games in the Motor City.

Tim Twentyman, a senior writer for the Detroit Lions and an insider, tweeted that Kearse will get a three-game suspension for breaking the league’s drug abuse policy and program.

After his suspension expires, the 26-year-old safety will have a greater opportunity to play a larger part in Detroit. Had he stayed in Minnesota, he would have had a difficult time finding a defensive role behind Anthony Harris’s ascent and Harrison Smith, the team’s star safety.

Sadly, Jayron Kearse’s chances of breaking through with the Lions may be diminished due to the lack of preseason games and restricted offseason activities. He has a short window of time to truly impress Detroit’s staff.

This season, Kearse won’t miss a game between the Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions. The purple and gold will travel for their second matchup in the regular-season finale, while their first meeting will take place in Minneapolis during Week 9.

As always, The Viking Age sends its best wishes to all of its staff and players, past and present. Jayron Kearse should be able to recover from his suspension and have a successful, long career.

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