Sad news for San Francisco Giants: he won't play again.....

Sad news for San Francisco Giants: he won’t play again…..

Four goals the Giants should set for themselves in 2024

As the phrase goes, “New year, new me.”
For some reason, as the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, we suddenly feel the need to improve ourselves and make changes in the upcoming year, as if we weren’t already capable of doing so.
No matter how realistic they may seem, those hollow promises are usually abandoned before the month is out.
The Giants have made their objectives plain for the 2024 MLB season, and they must ensure that they are meeting them in order to prevent the already irate fan base from becoming even more irate.
These are the four Giants New Year’s goals for 2024.

You should be aware of who is in the lineup and on the mound for the game you’re paying good money for, whether it’s for tickets, lodging, food, etc. An entirely reasonable anticipation.
There is no disputing the opener strategy’s effectiveness. It is a really clever and practical tool that is appropriate for use in the modern game. Likewise, platoons, which are neither novel nor groundbreaking, do. Though much more sparingly, the Giants should nonetheless take use of these when they see fit.
The Giants are determined to adopt a more conventional strategy for the upcoming season because they recognize the frustration that a significant portion of the fan base feels about bullpen games and platoons.

It’s time to simplify in 2024, regardless of who San Francisco signs for the remainder of the offseason.
Permit the children to play.

Yoshinobu Yamamoto and Shohei Ohtani, the Giants’ two primary free-agent targets, were passed over. If they don’t make any unexpected, game-changing moves this summer, they most likely won’t have a true superstar on their team by 2024.

Yes, spectators will enjoy seeing Jung Hoo Lee, the new center fielder, play, or Logan Webb, the NL Cy Young Award finalist, pitch every sixth day. However, even if Matt Chapman, Blake Snell, or Cody Bellinger were to sign with the Giants, it’s unlikely that a big player would show up.
Still, the roster may already include a few rising stars.
Particularly, Kyle Harrison, the starting pitcher, and rookie shortstop Marco Luciano fit the description. The Giants’ young players’ improvements in their second or first full seasons will probably be the reason they make the playoffs the following year.

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