Sad news for San Francisco Giants due to....

Sad news for San Francisco Giants due to….

Following hip surgery, SF Giants All-Star pitcher is probably out for Opening Day.

Alex Cobb, the starting pitcher for the San Francisco Giants and an All-Star, will have surgery on his left hip after many weeks of rehabilitation.

In the midst of Game 4 of the World Series, the San Francisco Giants revealed some worrying news. Starting pitcher Alex Cobb is scheduled to have surgery on his left hip on Tuesday with Dr. Marc Philippon in order to address persistent impingement concerns that have plagued him all season, according to a press release sent by the organization on Monday night. Cobb had been trying to avoid surgery by using a variety of rehab techniques, but following a follow-up visit with Dr. Philippon, he decided to have surgery. Cobb is not expected to be able to pitch again for six months, which means he won’t be available for spring training, Opening Day, or perhaps even the first month of the 2024 regular season.

Throughout the second half of the 2023 season, Cobb dealt with hip problems; eventually, the agony became too great for him to handle, and he was forced to withdraw from his season-ending start. The 12-year MLB veteran was selected for his first All-Star team and was rated among the league’s top pitchers in most categories before the injury. Nevertheless, after tossing over 130 pitches in an almost perfect no-hitter in early September, he never seemed to be able to bounce back. With 131 strikeouts and 37 walks in 151.1 innings pitched (28 starts), Cobb had a 3.87 ERA at the end of the season.

During the season, Cobb told reporters that he had been told by physicians that pitching through the injury would not make it worse. Additionally, he didn’t believe that surgery would be necessary to resolve the problem. Clearly, since the season’s end, things have changed.
Cobb is especially frustrated with the timing of the injury because he may become a free agent after the World Series. As of right now, the Giants hold a $10 million club option for 2024. San Francisco might be hesitant to give a pitcher who is 36 years old and recovering from major surgery eight figures and a position on the roster. That would still appear naive in light of Cobb’s recent output.

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