Sad news for Auburn Tigers due to....

Sad news for Auburn Tigers due to….

Auburn’s offensive line received a “bolt in the arm” from Tate Johnson’s unexpected injury comeback.
The news last week that Tate Johnson would “probably” miss the remainder of spring practice due to a dislocated elbow hurt the Auburn Tigers’ offensive line rebuilding strategy.
A week later, during the Tigers’ tenth spring session on Monday afternoon, Johnson made a successful comeback to the team and worked with the starting offensive line unit.

Holden Geriner’s reputation is growing as Auburn’s quarterback performance generally gets better
Connor Lew, an offensive line rookie, is a “home run” acquisition to Auburn.
For us, having him back is like receiving a shot in the arm, according to offensive coordinator Philip Montgomery. “..It is a good thing for us that he is back in the mix.

During Monday’s media-accessible practice pace period, Johnson practiced at right guard with a starting lineup that featured three transfers: center Avery Jones, left tackle Dillon Wade, and right tackle Gunner Britton. Johnson also had a returning player in left guard Jeremiah Wright. It was somewhat of a surprise when Johnson returned to the starting lineup because Freeze had stated a week before that the redshirt junior would probably miss the last three weeks of spring training because of a dislocated left elbow.

The good news for Johnson, according to Freeze’s statement last week, is that his elbow’s MRI revealed no structural damage. As with his right elbow last season, surgery wasn’t required; all that was needed was some time for the joint to tighten up again.
However, Johnson was back in the mix as the Tigers began their fourth practice week. For a team that is going through major offseason changes, it was a welcome comeback. In addition to the three veteran transfer acquisitions, Auburn also added junior college transfer Izavion Miller and four high school signees, three of whom are enrolled early, to a roster that lost both starting tackles and another versatile starter in Brandon Council.

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